Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 8 - Email

   I told my companion that I wish that being a missionary could be a career because that is what I would do!! A lot has been hitting me lately too, just a lot more stress because of all the decisions that are coming up. It is stressing me out, but it is okay because I am working hard and trying not to think of those things. I have been preparing for those hard moments and those tough decisions by making my choices now, of which way I will choose, and who I want to become.
   Haha ,oh man, you will all be probably so sick of me by the first few days. It is just that during this transfer, I have really realized how weird I am, haha.  Seriously, it is because I've noticed in lessons it has become harder for me to relate to people because I have been out of the world for so long. I just always accidentally say random missionary stuff, when I am trying to say normal things. Who knows I am crazy, whatever. I'll just be more awkward, it is fine.
   The last couple days it has rained so so much, it is crazy!! Everywhere is flooded. Kind of cool though, I love the rain here. It is like a record-breaking rain, though! It rained all night and I woke up because I sleep right by the window. It was so loud, the thunder and everything. All the sisters were angry that I didn't wake them up for it, because they slept right through. There are cars that are totally underwater, it is crazy!! But we are safe no worries! Today, we got pedicures, it was so nice. My feet were nasty, though. I felt so bad because I hadn't taken care of them for a year and a half.
   Ciana and Junior were baptized on Saturday!! They are the cutest!! Because they are kids, I thought the water didn't need to be so high and I put it like 6-8 inches lower than it usually is... Well haha, when they got in the water it was like mid-thigh. It was so funny. But all worked well, they were baptized, even though it was three tries for Junior. Elder Norton, the one that was baptizing him had to step on his feet to keep his legs in the water. Also, 20 minutes before the baptism, our ward mission leader calls us and says that he wouldn't be able to make it. He was conducting. He then told us the bishop wouldn't be there either, he was the one that was going to baptize Ciana haha. It was a mess. But it is how Spanish wards are, and they are use to everything being last minute.
   We had a Zone meeting this week and it was weird not being the one training. But, it was really nice. I learned a lot. We talked about how instead of planning what we do, plan who we want to be. We talked about the difference between to do and to be. It really helped me understand how important these choices will be in who I become in my life. Well, that is about it this week I think. Sorry so boring.

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