Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August 11 - Email

  I am going to pack because I am sadly leaving Chandler/Gilbert to another place in the Lord's vineyard. I thought I was going to stay, so I am really sad. For most people, 4 transfers in one area seems like a long time, but I feel like I just got here. I am also stepping down from being a sister training leader to do a "special assignment" to help a companion that is struggling. President Toone said that she has just finished being trained, but wasn't trained very well, and she is really struggling to learn Spanish. When he said this, I honestly don't know how I can help a sister learn Spanish when I don't know it myself. But, I have gone through the same issues as her, but I don't know how much hope she will have from being with me. This week has been kind of really hard, personally. I feel that the adversary has really been playing with my mind and I have been feeling so much doubt in myself, in my teaching skills, in my Spanish, in my personality, in everything. No one knew I was struggling but it was really holding me back. I feel like I don't know any Spanish, so to get this call last night was extremely hard for me. But, I had to hold it together because my companion broke down. We wanted to stay together and she is training and feels inadequate as well, so I had to hold myself together and comfort her. This last transfer is going to be the best transfer of my whole mission. I know it. I am going to work hard! I am going to give it my all and I will not give in or give up. I am strong and I know that this transfer will also be trialing, I know that Satan is going to want to crush me right before I go home and Heavenly Father is going to want to try me and perfect me to be strong enough to be in the world again.
We made a fort last night with the other sisters that live with us.
We changed a woman's day on Thursday and maybe her life. Her name is Terry.
We had hot dogs with our zone on Friday

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