Friday, September 12, 2014

September 1 - Email

   I'm not feeling too well, so sorry if this is short again, but everything's okay. I just have had a bad headache. And I was emailing President Toone, and it is Labor Day so we are emailing on our iPads which is more difficult. But anyway,this week was great! We moved into our home, It was the elders' house, so it was gross nasty but whatever, I like to clean :) We were so dead tired from moving and cleaning everything, it was crazy!!
   On Thursday, we had a mission conference thing with Elder and Sister Schwitzer. He is from the quorum of the seventy. It was so amazing!!! I received a lot of personal revelation. Elder Schwitzer also interviewed a few missionaries, I asked President Toone, as I was waiting to be interviewed, how he chose whom he was interviewing. President Toone said that he gave Elder Schwitzer the missionary book full of all the missionaries with their photos. And Elder Schwitzer just pointed to some missionaries and said "I want to meet with them, and them..." And that is how I was chosen.
Kind of amazing because the other missionaries I was standing by were missionaries that I knew have been working hard and are amazing missionaries. I thought the interview would be some hard questions or something, but he asked me questions that were nothing about my mission. He did tell me to make sure I get a calling when I get home. At the end of the interview, I remembered something that Elder Holland said one time. He said that when he shakes our hands, he interviews us. That is all they need to do to understand who we are and to know us. Just from a handshake he can tell who is struggling, or anything, he can tell who we are. So I am sure just from those short interviews that were nothing about the mission, told him everything. I was honored to be there, but I think I blew the interview.
   We went to the visitors center on Saturday, it was with Ciana and Junior and Franke and their grandma. It was really great!! Ciana and Junior are getting baptized this Saturday!!! :) It will be my companions first baptism :) And today we just cleaned all day as well.

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