Thursday, September 11, 2014

August 27 - Email

AAAH I am so so sorry I don't have too much time to talk even though I have like a million and one things to say....This week has seriously been insane!
   Okay I am now starting to get really excited to see everyone, but I have to hide it so other missionaries and members don't know or they will start getting homesick and all. None of the members in this new area know that I am going home soon, which is good because than they start asking a lot of questions that will make me way too trunky. I am not trunky at all, really. I am trying to keep it cool and give it everything I got because I know I still have some refining to do for myself and for the people I serve. 
  It has been raining a lot here, twice this last week :) We played in the rain haha.  We also went to the visitors center this week with some investigators, it was awesome. I love the visitors center. We are going there when I get back. Oh my name tag was eaten by a dog... 
We put a few more people on date for baptism this past week. This ward is seriously so awesome!! So missionary minded, I am sad I only get to be here for a short while. 
I met probably my biggest role models ever, the Wikle (rhymes  with Michael's family). OH GET THIS>>> I ate Menudo for the first time... it didn't taste bad but the texture was nast!! (Menudo is the intestines of a cow) yeah...

Well, sorry for the short and nothing really letter!

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