Wednesday, November 27, 2013

   This week was very emotional and stressful. So much work! But it is great because we need this work, right :) On Saturday, very happy day with the 2 baptisms, Kainoa Renaud, he is 18 and down right AMAZING! And Kylee Earl, she is 9, so adorable!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Email - November 18

   This week has been amazing!! I am pretty sure that my area has the most taught lessons per week in the mission, if not, then it has to be pretty far up on the list! But the Lord has prepared many people here to accept Christ in their lives. 
  I don't want to leave this area, haha. I am pretty sure I have about 20 moms looking after me here and I feel like I am home every house I go to. Some moms have been fighting after me to marry their sons when they return from a mission, haha. I am just so grateful for the people here that love me and I feel like they are all my family. It makes it easier to deal with the daily stress as a missionary with such wonderful ward families.

   Last Monday, for p-day, my whole zone went to San Luis, Arizona (look on map). It is on the border, like I saw Mexico. I saw the people lining up at the border entry. All hispanics there. It is probably 45 minutes from my area. Those missionaries in San Luis are in my zone as well. And I define that it is San Luis, Arizona because San Luis also goes into Mexico. This is where all our Spanish investigators go for the weekends, which means that we can't get them to church... very frustrating! Anyway, we played soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball with the zone and with some members in San Luis. It was really fun! Luckily today is a nice relaxing p-day where I finally get to get caught up on the letters I have received. I will write you a longer letter today. I have so many miracles and stories to tell you. P.S. we have two baptisms this Saturday the 23rd. Yay!! I will tell you about them.