Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Email - June 9

   So this week it has been hot so we decided to try to bake cookies in the back of our car... they were half-baked but hey by the middle of the summer, it will work!! This week was hard, I don't know why, we just were working so hard and no doors were opening. The new investigators we found are not as interested as we thought and it just was hard... so we decided to sleep outside one night. We have to bring as much fun to the work as we can. My comp and I brought our mattresses out back on our little patio and the weather was perfect. We actually got kind of cold during the night. We hung up blankets and made a little fort. It was pretty great to just sleep under the stars. We also went on exchanges this week and I learned all about Alaska... I don't think it is in my future to move there, but it was fun to learn about. Sister Lathrop is from Alaska. Also, remember my companion I had for 10 days in the trio, Sister Ward. Yeah, she went home a couple months ago, it was just getting too bad and apparently right after skype calls home a lot of missionaries give up and go home. Kind of sad! We had lunch at the senior couples home with our whole zone. It was really fun! I don't know if I told you but the first time we had lunch there, Sister Lewis (the senior missionary) brought out this huge squirt gun in the house and started squirting all the Elders. She said "If you want to get on my good side, let's have a water fight. I live for water fights." or something of the sort. haha. So ever since then, I remembered that and this time my comp and I bought little squirt guns from the dollar store and brought them to the lunch and squirted her. She had a blast, haha! I was kind of scared at first, but then she was just laughing and she stole the gun of my companion and squirted all the Elders, and her husband, and then us. It was so funny. The Elders were hiding all scared. Remember this is all in the house. Haha. It isn't even hers, it is her daughters home. Oh man, now I think she likes me more so that is cool!
   Then, on Friday we all, as a zone, go out to lunch. We were planning to go to Moreno's, a Mexican food place. But this member (actually a Bishop) stops us and says come on, I will buy you all food here at Fire House Subs. He bought all 22 of us food!! That place is not cheap!! In combo meals too! It was insane, he was so cool! I don't think he knew how many missionaries were actually coming haha, oh man. We are so blessed it is incredible!

   That is about it. The work is going on slowly but surely. We will baptize this transfer! I have faith and I am hoping for some miracles!!

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