Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Email - June 2

   This week was awesome!! Well it was super di duper hottttt AND we were on bikes for 3 days, but it was awesome!! We found 5 new investigators this week, wahoo! Miracles are happening! We had quite a few lessons, too. We just need to have some help from the members. We also had one of our investigators at church!! Her name is Fabiola, I think I told you about her, she talks a ton!! She never ever stops and we try to cut in and she won't let us!! But,she has good fellowship in the ward,so that is good. We also had MLC this week, it was awesome. Our mission made an outline document of a family mission plan that will help us when working with members. A lot of missionaries try to make their own, but this one will be for the whole mission, so no one needs to worry about making their own. It is really awesome and I hope it works well in the Spanish Ward. Also, President Toone talked about instead of finding ways to get out of the work (baptisms of other missionaries, temple trips, the list goes on...), find ways to get more into the work. And to spend our time wisely and fully. These summer months are going to be hot and missionaries will want to take breaks from the work, but we need to push ourselves and not put up excuses. It was really cool!!

   Also, I am super excited because one of the part-member families that I taught in Yuma, I love them so much, oh man, well, the husband isn't a member and Sister Pinnock and I started teaching him... Well, he is going to be baptized this month!!!!!! YA! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD!! It is super cool! I am super excited for the sealing in a year as well, I will definitely go to that! I think I might have to move to Arizona because I will want to come and visit people so much... 
  I forgot to tell you. So I got a letter from the court in Yuma about a hearing for the car crash. Honestly I didn't understand any of the big words in that letter, but Sister Toone told me to call the number and say that I won't be able to go to court. So I called and the lady cut me off and said, "Actually, (name) was found dead in his garage last week so no charges can be held against him..." It was so crazy!! I don't even know. So I guess I don't have to deal with that stuff anymore though... sad world. 

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