Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Email - June 16

Sorry I don't have much time, but here is a short miracle and story :)
   Last Monday we had a really really cool lesson, a miracle. We wanted to watch the Restoration, 20 min video with our investigator but the DVD player wasn't working and we tried so hard to get it going. We had her fellowship with us at her house, it took quite awhile to try to get it set up and we had another appointment soon. We decided to go and try it at her fellowship's trailer. It took awhile again, but we got it all set up and ready to go. We started with a prayer and explained the background of the video and about Joseph Smith. It is usually really hard to teach her because she talks so much, but she was quiet. Her fellowship's wife is sick and has cancer and has grown blind. She is a great fellowship, also. We just can't bring her out to lessons. Anyway, the member (fellowship's wife) starts to bare her testimony of everything, about Joseph Smith, and explaining the whole story. It was everything that we wanted to share, but couldn't done it as well. The spirit was so strong. We committed our investigator to pray with this family after the video to know the truth of Joseph Smith. We then started the video and left right away to get to our other appointment. It was amazing, it was the future of missionary work. Starting lessons with members and investigators and leaving for them to finish it. It was really powerful and amazing! We came the next day to see how it went, and she loved the video, she tried watching it again and showed it to her children. She felt the spirit very strongly.

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