Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Email - June 23

   This week we had Zone Conference it was really really cool! BUT.... I have never felt so strongly that I never want to go home, I want to stay here on this mission for forever!! President Toone talked about some new things coming to the mission and to missionary work. He said that now they are putting mentors with the new missionaries in our mission, to help them adapt to missionary life, to learn the language and at the end of their mission to adapt to normal life. Then, that missionary will become a mentor for another missionary. It is really cool! It would be awesome if I had the privilege to be a mentor when I get home. Except, I need to know the language better ... You just train them through skype. Also, we talked about the amazing things that are happening this transfer because of the promise that President Toone made of every companionship to have a baptism in their area. The mission is having amazing miracles and amazing things happen. As for my area, I don't think we will have a baptism this transfer, I still have faith but this weekend is the last week of the transfer. But, I have paid a part in two amazing baptisms in the mission, in different areas. I told you about Hawken right? About how he was baptized a couple weeks ago in Yuma. He is a part member family and he is seriously incredible, that family is one of my favorites. He is going to be a Bishop or something one day. 
   Also, a miracle happened one day awhile back. In my first transfer with Sister Segura, we went out of our zone boundaries to go to dinner with a member. A lot of our members live out of our zone and ward boundaries. It is sometimes an issue for us because we can't go out of our mission without 1st presidencies acceptance. But we couldn't get a hold of this member all day. We were trying to call her for dinner and it became close to dinner time, so we decided to just go to her house anyway. We go and it is in an apartment complex. We knock on the door three times and no one answers. So, we start walking back to our car and we see a lady outside talking to her birds. I was scared to talk to her, just because sometimes it is scary talking to random people on the street, but I start thinking about our purpose and I decided to talk to her. She was so friendly and said that she actually went to the Gilbert Temple open house with her friend, who is a member. We talked to her for about 5 minutes outside, then she wondered why we were over here and we told her how we were going to dinner, but the member wasn't there. She invited us in right away for some of her home-made chicken noodle soup. This is when I kind of had a cold, but when we walked into her house Sister Segura and I just started crying and had runny noses because our allergies were so so bad. She talked and talked to us. She was truly amazing, she was willing to give us so much, even though she had so little. We shared a little message, then asked her if she wants missionaries to continue coming over. She was really excited about that. We handed her off to the English missionaries. Her name is Yevonne. Since then, I kind of forgot about her. A week ago or so I got a call on the phone from one of our mission staff. He wanted my story of meeting Yevonne, I was trying to think who Yevonne was, thinking he got the wrong number, but then remembered her. I told him my story and apparently she got baptized just this past Saturday the 21st. It was crazy because the member we were going to eat with, had food already for us. She said she didn't receive our calls, and she was at her house. It was just because she moved not too long ago to a different apartment, in the same building, but it wasn't changed on the ward list, yet. She was kind of mad that we didn't show up, but it is amazing what miracles God has planned even though at first it doesn't seem that way. I feel so blessed to be a part of this promise for other missionaries and other areas, that's what it is all about.
   This cute girl, Maribel, she's a member and 21. Missionaries have always took her out on lessons. Well, we had her with us one day and after a lesson she said "I love when you can tell the missionaries have the spirit with them." I thought this was really cool, because it is something that we cannot tell because we are surrounded with the spirit a lot, so we don't realize anything different.

The other week we were in a trailer park and we look over to 2 little boys in undies and super hero masks. Their mom was sitting and squirting them with the hose as they just stood there. It was so funny!! Haha oh man I wanted to take a picture, but that could have been creepy
   Anyway. I love you so very much!! Even though I don't want to go home, I want to stay here forever, I still love you forever!!

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