Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 2 - Letter

After Tuesday night devotionals, we have a district meeting and share our thoughts and testimonies. The spirit is always so strong in our district classroom. Elder Stanford shared a thought, "when you are feeling that your mission is too hard for you, that you can't do it. It is because it is. You cannot do it. It is too hard. With the Lord by your side, is the only way you can do it." I loved this and as this amazing elder shared his testimony of the Savior, he shed some tears. None of us girls could hold it together once we saw a grown man crying!

Some more quotes from that night
"Our ultimate goal in life is to endure to the end. When we get to a place we want to be spiritually, this is not the end. We need to figure out what we need to continue to be able to endure."
"The real measure of our mission is in the lives of our grandchildren. The real test is how well our children raise their children."

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