Monday, April 15, 2013

Kayla's District at the MTC

Left to Right 
Hermana Savage - From Cedar City, very quiet, but so cute and super nice! She went to SUU last semester. She sings real well and plays guitar.
Elder Stanford - He is from California and a beach bum. He is really smart and graduated in 2010. He is really good at Spanish because he took it in college. He went to BYU Hawaii. He like plays every instrument.
Hermana Funke - my compañero (read below)
Elder Varner - Graduated from Bingham High, super funny and way spiritual! We joke that he is going to be an apostle. He always knows exactly what to say.
Hermana Staley - From Roy, Utah, went to SUU last semester, Love her! She is outgoing and played soccer in high school.
Elder Cavin - Our district leader. He went to Bingham High, is cool and fun, and a good district leader!
Hermana Savoie - From Louisiana and Texas. She went to LSU.
Elder Dial - Went to Bingham and played hockey there. He is very quiet but funny when he does talk.
Hermana Hansen - me :)
All the Elders are going to Cordoba, Argentina and all the Hermanas are going to Tempe, except Savoie, who is going to SLC - Spanish speaking.

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