Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monday, April 1 - Letter

This has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am not saying this to worry you! I am growing so much closer to God and Jesus Christ. And I know that the end result will be great. It is hard to have faith in myself, that I can do it (learn the language). Everyone around me is speaking Spanish and I don't know what anyone is saying!I know that I am suppose to be here and that God has planned for me to serve. I know that there are people prepared to hear the words that I will share. Also, by serving a mission, my family will receive so many blessings and so will I.
Easter was great! I may have been away from family, but this helped me see the true meaning of Easter.
Bishop Gerald Causse spoke to us about when we meet Jesus again. He said that working on your testimony of Christ is the best way to prepare for a mission.
We then had a testimony meeting with just our district. It was all in Spanish so, ya...
Sunday night devotional we sang "Called to Serve." Which we have sung a lot but this time we were in a huge gym full of almost everyone. I felt the spirit so strong and I knew I am meant to be here. I have always been waiting for the time I could sing that song as an actual missionary. Sheri Dew was our speaker and she said, "The Savior isn't our last chance, He is our only chance!"

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