Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Email - February 3

   So. this week we went up to MLC (missionary leadership council). It was good. It is amazing how much our mission is changing and continuing to change so much!! But it is apparently good changes because our numbers are going up more and more. Highlight of the week, Wednesday I was standing on a rolly, spinny chair, checking out my outfit. I was stepping down and I totally ate it. It was so funny but, I was the only one to see it because my companion was in the shower. She told me that she heard it and that I shook the whole house haha! It was one of the funnest things I have done! It got me in a really good mood the rest of the day. 
   Last week I forgot to tell you this but these little kids asked me if I could sleep over at there house. I told them I couldn't because I didn't have my pajamas. They said "Just call your mom and have her bring them, And ask your mom if you can sleepover" haha it was funny!

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