Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Email - February 18

    Lou got baptized on Friday morning, Valentines day. The spirit was felt by every single person in the room. I wish we had an investigator or less active there to feel that strong spirit but all the members even said how beautiful the baptism was and said that everyone in the ward should of been there. Lou cried and cried during the opening song "How Great Thou Art" it was the cutest thing ever! I was leading the music and that song is so hard to lead, it gets me confused every time. But life goes on. Haha. Lou took us out to Applebees Monday night (yesterday) he is so funny! At church on Sunday he came up to us and said "Sister Funke, thank you for singing at my baptism, now I will serenade you both at Applebees tomorrow night because I only fear God" haha good thing he didn't sing too much at Applebees, that would have been embarrassing, well for him haha but he did sing a little bit, it was funny. 
    I found a new word for old people in 1st Nephi and that is "stricken in years" so now I call all our neighbors my friends that are stricken in years. haha :) 
   Uhm... yesterday we went to San Luis and played sports and ate Carne Asada. That was fun. I am really bad at naturally every sport, so that is cool. Except I am alright at basketball (thanks Pops for teaching me well). There was one elder who is way nice and was teaching me how to hit a baseball because I gave up. I think it has to do a lot with my messed up eye balls and my depth perception. But he was impressed with how much I knew about baseball. I can watch it but playing it is another story. 
   I went on an exchange with Sister Rawlings, from California. I like her, she's really cool. We went out to Wellton and contacted this former investigator that Sister Arellano and I taught. He came to church twice while we were teaching him. But he has been so busy and it was hard for us to come out to Wellton, but it was really cool because his family is still way interested. Sister Rawlings prayed and the mom said she felt the spirit so strongly and had tears in her eyes. This was all in Spanish. Yeah, it was good.
   We taught mission prep on Sunday and that was fun. There was like 6 people there. It was for  the whole stake haha. I wish I was more prepared before my mission. Remember how I only went to like 4 classes of mission prep and 2 temple prep classes. Oops.

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