Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Email - February 10

  On Wednesday. we had Zone Meeting. We trained the missionaries in our zone and so did the Zone Leaders. Our new goal, as a mission is to read the Book of Mormon, again. About 8 pages a day, so we will end by the end of next transfer. Which is I think is Shay's birthday, April 2nd. I am only in 1 Nephi 16. But I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!! Hopefully I can keep up with the group this time. It takes me like an hour to read 8 pages. I like to search, study, and mark.
   This morning we went on a hike with our district and zone leaders, Telegraph Pass again. Oh I am sick with a cold, but my comp couldn't make it all the way up so we waited for the rest of the elders to get back and we walked back down with them. We almost made it to the top, but not quite. My comp almost threw up. When we visit Yuma together, we will definitely hike this as a family, it is awesome!! So steep! I started getting sick on Saturday night, I was letting go too much of my germaphobia. This is only the third time I have been sick on my mission... AMAZING! Heavenly Father has blessed me! Oh, but this morning on the hike I fell! It was so funny! I fell on my butt, sliding down the rocks and it is so weird because in normal life, everyone would laugh, but all the missionaries are just like "are you okay?" and then move on. It was way funny, but me and my comp were the only ones laughing. I guess they are afraid to hurt feelings, but whateves. 
   Lou, our Filipino investigator is getting baptized on Valentines Day. It will be exciting! He is so funny! He is 70 and he likes to sing songs to us and calls us his 'angels'. He is funny! He went to the open house on Friday and he called us after and said "I am ready to be baptized and am proud to be a LDS. " It is funny the way he says it. He is a cute little old man!! 
Me on the hike to Telegraph Pass

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