Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Email - May 5

   So remember how last week how I said it was a pretty ehhh.. week, well, this week has maybe been worse in the work. We still are working hard but can't find any new investigators, it is so hard. I just want to teach!! 
   I sent a picture of my companion and I had had a really hard day, so we decided to go and get some strawberries with cream, well that was the worst decision I have almost ever made. It was the biggest cup in the world of pure cream (fat). It was delicious to the taste but it hurt our stomachs so bad. I just wanted to throw up! I think it was a one time only kind of thing...
   Claudia and Fernando are the eternal investigators and guess what!! They are going to get married and baptized on MAY 16th :) :) It was hard work to help them have enough faith to do this, but they are doing it!! We are wedding planners again :)
   We had interviews this week with President Toone, it was the coolest thing! It actually wasn't interviews because he had a previous meeting with Elder Bednar and so he just got our zone and Chandler zone together and told us what Elder Bednar wanted us to hear. I remember before my mission I was scared to come home all weird and like "Molly Mormon", but I had a dream a couple weeks ago and I was home from my mission and I was the exact same person as I was before! And it made me so frustrated that I had a year and a half to change and I didn't. This is what President Toone talked about, that we NEED to be weird, not only just when we get home but for the rest of our lives!! There is so much more I could write to you right now, but I will have to save it for another time. 
P.S. I love the Book of Jacob!!

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