Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Email - April 14

  This past week we went to the Easter Pageant in Mesa. I attended the Spanish night on Saturday. We had the opportunity to help out all night from 5-8 pm, then the show started at 8-9 pm. We didn't get home until 10 pm!! Crazy missionaries... ;) It was so amazing!! Two of our investigator families went and it was awesome. THE PAGEANT IS INCREDIBLE!! So many people attend and their are so many cast members, who are all volunteer. Approximately 400!! I loved the part of when Christ was with all the little children, little children are so peaceful and loving, and spiritual. I loved the end when Christ was resurrected, He was glowing. It was so amazing! We are going again on Wednesday to help out.
   K so this week has been kind of goofy! One night we were going to visit this members house and when we were getting out of the car I saw this guy across the street. I told my companion, let's go talk to him. We went and it was one of those people where you aren't totally sure if it is a guy or a girl... In Spanish, everything is gender related when you speak. When we came up to this person, and talked to it, I realized that it is a girl because it's voice was very femaley and she had a little chest, I am not sure if it was moobs though. She was wearing guys clothing but who knows. I discovered that I was probably right that she was a girl. So we decided to have a street lesson and talk about the Restoration. We talked to this person for like 45 minutes and the whole time I was using the feminine type of Spanish. We ended with a prayer, but before that prayer, I said, "what was your name again?, Gloria...?" It said "oh now you are putting hair on me, it is Gabriel." (referring that she is a boy) I didn't understand this sentence. But I said the prayer and I kept saying "Please bless she..., Please bless that she..." yeah.... and you know how we aren't exactly allowed to give men hugs, well I went up and gave it a hug because I thought she was a girl!!! and my companion couldn't just leave me hanging so she gave him/her a hug to! We get into the car and my companion is always so nice. She says to me "that was perfect!! You did so amazing! That was so great! But... She is a man!!!!" I was flipping out and my companion told me about the hair comment and stuff. We are not totally positive what it is. We think that it is a girl that wants to be a boy and calls herself a boy, but maybe he is just a boy! I don't know, but it was so embarrassing!! I don't know how I will ever return!!
   This same night, we came home and I meant to press the button to open the trunk and I accidentally pressed the alarm button, my companion screamed and jumped it was so funny! Estrella is getting baptized next week instead of this past week, she is so cute!! And we finally had some investigators at church!! :)
The rest of this week has just been HOTTTTTT!! It hit the 100's and the heat is just beginning! But it is better than the cold :)
   We did a family home evening with the ward, a lot of people came so that was awesome, because that doesn't usually happen in Spanish work. Then Wednesday was transfer meeting and all missionaries had to go because President Toone had to talk to us about obedience and being good leaders, it was really cool! I love going to transfer meetings!
 Can't wait for dia de madres :)

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