Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Email - April 7

So... This week was AWESOMELY spiritual!!
Wasn't conference so great! Wow powerful! I heard Priesthood session was awesome as well! So many of my questions were answered. I even watched the Sunday morning session in Spanish. No, I didn't catch a lot that was said, but I wrote like 3 1/2 pages of notes from that session, so I understood a little. I loved it all!! I will read over again the session I watched in Spanish, definitely! I love how Jefferey R. Holland said that sometimes it is hard to be Mormon in these days and times, BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!  Lawrence E. Corbridge's talk was AMAZING!! That was so cool, just throwing it down!
  So this week my companion and I and I think our whole zone decided to do this challenge this past week called the Wilford Woodruff Week. It is where we sacrifice just a little more of our time to be diligent and work hard. Usually on P-days we go out proselyting at 6 pm that night, instead we went out at 2 pm and started our day early. Monday was our most successful day during the week! Also, instead of having an hour for lunch, we only took half-an-hour lunches. We were focusing on being diligent all week, and actually all this month we are focusing on diligence. On Tuesday, my companion and I trained the zone of how to have more diligence. It was good. On Wednesday, we were able to go to the Mesa Temple :) :)  absolutely loved it! I saw another new video and it opened my eyes so much! It was so so awesome, holy moly! I didn't want to leave the temple, the peace I felt in there, there is no comparison. It was like nothing else mattered at that moment. Ah I will never not take advantage of having a temple so close again! Oh I had the best ice cream this week as well, yummmm it was from Mexico! It was the most delicious thing ever! 
   One day we had dinner with a member that just moved here from Mexico. I can not believe the house in which she lived and the terrible condition it was in. It is so sad to see how people are living. And she gave us so much food and cared for us so much. It was a tiny trailer, a really rundown bathroom, and I could of walked through the whole trailer with 5 steps. She is such a wonderful sister and has given so much to her family. Such a blessing to know her. I am so blessed it is ridiculous sometimes.
    During my mission I have been blessed a lot, I still don't have a memory like other people but my mind has been filled with so much knowledge and a lot of it is sticking. I know the Lord has blessed me with the gift of knowledge at this time!
   Oh yeah, transfer news, WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER!! YEAHHH!! :) Sometimes I have dreams I am home, I hate it! It distracts me so much. But one time it was funny because I thought I was on my queen bed at home and I almost fell off my little bed.
   We have a baptism this weekend, Estrella. She is 10. She is so adorable! Also, we had a lesson with Claudia and Fernando, who are long time investigators and we almost put them on date but then the adversary started rocking their relationship so that was sad. Missionary work is awesome, it is hard, but WORTH IT!! I love it so much!

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