Monday, May 12, 2014

Email - May 12

   We have had a few miracles this week. It still has been super hard because we have no investigators, but the Lord is blessing us as we work for it. We were getting pretty downhearted because all we want to do is teach people! And we haven't had many opportunities to do so recently. We decided to go visit this older lady in the ward that has been severely sick and going through treatments, she just got out of the hospital last week. We prayed right before we walked to her house and said to Heavenly Father that it has been really hard, lately, and we really are trying to find more people. We asked Him to bless us with opportunities to find new investigators through members. We went to the house (Lopez family) and the husband answers the door, he lets us in and goes and tells his wife to come out because we are at the house, visiting her. He comes back out and is talking to us, he gives us a referral without us even having to ask him! He said that there is a lady in their trailer park named Fabiola and she seems prepared to hear the gospel. She is the mom of one of their grandchildren's friends. Well, we got her trailer number and were planning to stop by her house after we were done visiting with them. We then started talking to Sister Lopez, just seeing how she is doing and ten minutes later, the referral (Fabiola) walks in the door. We meet her casually and start getting to know her. We started talking about the gospel and Brother and Sister Lopez are amazing and share their conversion experience. They shared all the blessings they have received from the Gospel. Fabiola is an amazing hard-working mom that has had a lot of things go wrong in her life, but we know that she is prepared to hear the gospel now and we know how much it will bless her life. We came out of that house with a referral received, a member present lesson, and a new investigator all because we set up a time on Wednesday to come by her house. It was incredible! We knew that Heavenly Father was answering our prayers.

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  1. Hi, my name is Alexis. I am preparing to serve Spanish speaking in the Tempe mission, and I just wanted to say thank you to Sister Hansen for all her blog posts she has written. From what I can tell, we might have a lot in common. And I feel like in all the ways I've tried to get a grasp on what I'm heading out to do, this blog has helped me the most. I feel at peace and excited about my mission now, and I just can't express about much this has helped me! I hope she can train me, because that would be AWESOME (altho maybe she's in the Gilbert mission now?). Either way, THANK YOU! This has been an amazing help.