Friday, January 24, 2014

Email 2 - January 20

   So this week has been kind of crazy! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I stayed with the sisters in Yuma, Sister Rawlings and Sister Rich. It was fun, but I love being in a trailer. I didn't know I would ever say that in my life. I think I am just going to live in the foothills of Yuma forever, if that is okay. K not really, but it is pretty great here. I have so many best friends here. I am glad to be working with Sister Funke again. It is fun to catch up with each other and since we already know each other we can just get right to work. She is still better than me at Spanish, of course. Because she has only worked in Spanish almost her whole mission in Gilbert and Tempe. But not too much better where I feel inadequate. She will help me a lot. 
   Now in our zone there are only 2 other sister companionships and they are rockin! So, that makes it a whole lot easier for us as sister training leaders. An elder from my high school just got transferred to my zone, Elder Spencer Richards. We didn't know each other really too much before, but I knew who he was and one of my friends married his brother, recently. 
   We have like no investigators right now! Only like 4 or 5 because all of them were baptized. So, we have been working a lot with the recent converts. We saw the Cabrera's, he was the one that told me that I am the "Big OG" here haha which means like "old gangsta god" or something like that. I love their family! They promised to come to church this past Sunday and I thought for sure they would... but no :(  But, when we went over there they were saying how much they love me and how they know I am here for them. I totally believe that too, that I am here for them. 
   I have been doing a lot better, not as depressed and longing for home. I am a lot happier, but still it will take some time to be fully healed, I guess. I just wish I could rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit for a few days. I definitely know I am suppose to be here right now. I don't exactly know why but I am and I love it! 
   I have been thinking a lot about how people say that Heavenly Father won't give us more than we can handle. I read something that said this isn't true. That he does give us more than we can handle. I thought more about it and realized Heavenly Father gives us more than we can handle because if He didn't than we would not rely on Christ or Him at all. He gives us enough that we let down our pride and put our faith in Him, that we may ask Him for help. If He didn't give us more than we could handle as human beings than we wouldn't learn, it is our souls, our spirits that remember who our Father and Savior is when our human bodies can't handle anymore.

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