Monday, October 21, 2013

Email - October 21

Transfer News! Guess what!!!? 
................(drum roll) 
I am staying!!!!! hahaha But, I am super excited because this area is becoming greater and greater and I would feel awful leaving it, so I am happy with where I am at. I think I need to find that person I am suppose to help before I move on or something! I don't even know. My companion is leaving today up to Tempe and flying out on Wednesday :( I am super excited for her but also super sad! She's my best friend these days. I am definitely going to miss her so much! But she will do so well in Argentina and that is where the Lord wants her, so I guess it is okay. 
This week has been a little crazy with everything that is going on for transfers, but my companion and I did really well. We taught so many lessons and had a great week! 
I really don't know if I have much more to tell you. Life has been ya know GREAT but nothing new :) 

Oh and also I am a Sister Training Leader for our zone. So they have sister training leaders for the whole mission (4 sisters) and then they have 1 or 2 for each zone. It is a pretty new thing but I am one of them, so that is pretty cool.
hey also... Yuma should be the first place to be getting ipads (besides Mesa zone because they were the trial zone) but we should be getting them before the end of this month :) wahhooo
and the new adventure begins.... :)

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