Friday, October 18, 2013

Email - October 15

   So, I am really sorry this is coming a day late. My companion got really sick. She wasn't feeling too hot but now she is doing great :) I also got sick not this last Monday but the Monday before. So, we stayed inside all Tuesday. Well, I can't even remember what has been going on so sorry, let me try to remember...
   Funny Story - (The other night my companion and I were talking about how either our humor has just gotten really worse, where we think dumb things are funny, or if we are just full of happiness and light that we laugh at everything.) We went to weekly planning. We do this with the zone and we plan for 2 1/2 hrs of what we will do the following week. There are 22 missionaries in our zone. When I first got here there were only 16 missionaries in the zone. Anyway... Elder Burgees, one of the Elders in Wellton(the district leaders companion) had this cowboy belt buckle on and I yell across the room "Hey Elder Burgees... I like your butt!".... hahaha my companion yells "WHAT!!" So ya see sometimes it is really hard to say belt buckle! I got mixed up okay!! Don't judge! I didn't mean it! We were just dying! Laughing so hard! Luckily all of the other companion-ships didn't hear it because they were talking to other missionaries. I was so embarrassed! Elder Burgess told me that he wrote it in his journal... he loved it too much. hahaha
   Sister Pinnock got her visa to go to Argentina!!! We go on exchanges this week with another set of sisters that live in Somerton, and one minute after I leave my companion, the President calls and tells her the big news!!! She calls me and I am so excited for her, but also so sad because I just love this girl! And then I realize that this probably means that I will stay another transfer here... hahaha I can't even believe it. There must be someone I have to find or help or something!! I just don't know who or what that is. It's okay though, I am just glad I have this privilege to serve and Heavenly Father knows what is best and knows what is right, so I will trust Him. Anyway in Somerton, it was so cool!! I also went to San Luis. Everyone EVERYONE speaks Spanish there!!!! I loved it! I think I grew more in my Spanish in just that one day than I have my whole mission. Because as you know in my area I never really have the opportunity to speak Spanish, kind of sad but one day I will. It has been a great couple of weeks! I love it and I am so happy to be here, also we had stake conference... it was the bomb!

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