Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Email #2 - September 30

   I got told the best thing this week.... here it is- So, my Spanish I feel has been a little rough, not many people that I can practice with, but I still have faith, love the language and have hope. We were talking to Maria and Jesus Cabrera, they have known me since the beginning, I was talking to them and they said "Wo, you sound Mexican." Yeah, that's right!! I'm pretty much native! haha I may not know how to say a whole lot, but at least I have a good accent :) The Lord blesses in mysterious ways! Also, yesterday I went through my old Spanish verb flash cards that I made in the MTC. There is about 115 words and I only missed about 13 or 15 or something. I felt pretty proud because I didn't know like any of them before. 


  1. I love how positive you are!!! You go Hermana? is that girl in spanish? :)

  2. Thank you Tricia, Hermana means Sister