Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Phone Call - Airport

   I am so excited to be going to Arizona, but also nervous! The last district testimony meeting, I was the first one to bare my testimony. I bore my testimony, not crying much, then I sat down. I then realized that I just bore my testimony and spoke all my thoughts in Spanish! I then started just bawling and I couldn't stop! I kept crying because I also realized that I understood everyone else's testimonies in Spanish! I was crying because I realized that Heavenly Father did bless me with learning the language.
   I am going to miss everyone in my district. We have grown so close over the last 6 weeks. We decided to have a reunion after our missions. All the Elders are going to missions in the states until their visas go through. Elder Stanford is going to the Tempe mission with the Hermanas! I will tell you my new Arizona address as soon as I get it.

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