Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 30 - Letter

   I feel like things are going pretty well, but at the same time, there is no way I am ready to be out in the field, speaking Spanish! I am nervous, but really excited! I have been out here for a month! Crazy! 17 months to go and to bless as many people as I can with God's words and with Christ's gospel.
The other day we had a language assessment on the computer and it told me to teach a lesson about the Great Apostasy. All I could think of is, "I don't even know what that is in English!" (ha ha) So, I just started typing everything I knew in Spanish, Dios (God) y Jeus Cristo y Espiritu Santo (Holy Ghost), etc..I told my district about this after and they all laughed, I laughed until I cried, after I looked up what the Great Apostasy  was. (oops! ha ha)
   The other day, Elder Varner was expressing how he hates dogs and he began to show what he would do if a dog came by him while on his mission. He grabbed his scriptures and swung them like he would hit the dog. At this point his scripture case handle broke on one side, so the scriptures swung out about a foot more and nailed Elder Cavin right in the gut! (ha ha) It was the funniest thing ever! I laughed until I cried again.
   The other night Elder Dial jokingly ask our district, "who says the longest prayers?" Everyone pointed at me. I was like "hey!" Well, first of all, I have to feel the spirit and let God tell me what to say and then I have to translate that into Spanish, so it takes awhile! (ha ha) They all think I am funny, mostly they are laughing at me, but hey, I laugh at myself. So, I see it as they are laughing with me. (ha ha)
   In one of my prayers, the prayer I said before a Hermana (sister) stated that she had to go home because of illness, I felt the spirit really strong. By the end of the prayer everyone was crying. God had told me exactly what was needed to be said in that prayer.

(You Only Serve Once)

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  1. Kayla sounds awesome! She will get the hang of Spanish and will be an amazing, fun, warm, inviting missionary!