Friday, May 17, 2013

May 13 - Email

   On the airplane ride here, there was a guy across the aisle from me. I was thinking about talking to him, but I was scared. The elder next to me, told me to talk to him. So, right out of the MTC, I was ready to share the gospel. I started talking to him, just a normal conversation. Then I began asking him about his religion. I gave him a card. He said he will check it out. All the missionaries around me were amazed! (haha) It was funny, but I loved it, it was awesome!
   The first day I was here, my companion and I stayed at a member's house. This lady, lets just say that she is very caring of animals... She had three cats and three birds. The birds were cool. Two love birds and a cockatiel. She would carry the cockatiel everywhere. It was well trained. It even ate her food off her plate! But yeah, just a very pet house and very hairy everywhere. (haha) You know how I love that...not.
   So the shower here is pretty nice, but so short! I always hit my head on it and I have to bend way down to wet my hair. I have a glorious time showering ya know...just imagine. I do remember to thank Heavenly Father that it is a nice shower with hot water because Whitney doesn't have hot running water in Guatemala.

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