Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24 - Email

   I am still in the same area with my same companion :) The sister who was suppose to come here got sick or something. I am learning to love Yuma a lot more! The Colorado River is here, everyone goes and hangs out on that. There is Mexico and their wonderful beaches, two hours away. San Diego is two hours away. The mountains are two hours away and they have sand dunes right here. It's awesome...well, if I could actually do any of that stuff, haha. Okay, guess what one ward did for girls camp? They went to Newport, California and stayed in a beach house!!! Oh my, what kind of girls camp is that?!?! I am so jealous!
   Did you watch the broadcast last night? It is such a blessing to now have the church doors open all the time! They would not give us a key here and we always are by the church which is totally across town and we always want to go in there to get out of the heat or use the bathroom or give tours or something. Also, I knew the technology was coming because the sister training leaders and the missionary assistants to the president all have Ipads and Iphones. It is great about how soon everything is happening! It is amazing! These are the last days!!! It is such a privilege to be a missionary at this time!
   Guess what?!! We have probably at least three people getting baptized in one ward in July :) Yay!!! The Lord is blessing us for our work! Hey, remember to share the gospel. :) It helps so much to have the members help!

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  1. This gives me goose bumps. When you say that this really is the last days I got chills all over my arms. It is exciting to see the work progress and what a neat time for you to be exactly where you are at exactly this time in your life. Keep the Faith!!!