Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17 - Email

   Big News!!! I am being transferred this Wednesday. I will still be in the Yuma area, which I am so pleased about, but not in the exact same area. I love change here! It is so fun! I was so excited, it was like Christmas   finding out if we are transferring or not! haha

   Personal weaknesses become so much more noticeable on a mission. This has been so hard for me because I want and feel like I need to be perfect, so I can teach those people that the Lord has prepared. I also have been praying and seeking diligently to retain and remember all the information I am learning. That is one weakness that is shining above all, on my mission. It drives me crazy because I study so hard and still can't remember all the language and gospel teachings. During Relief Society on Sunday, we were singing "Lead Me into Life Eternal." In that song, a phrase stood out and touched my heart. "Give me faith, the greater knowledge." I was inspired that the Lord wanted me to know that having faith is the greater knowledge.

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