Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28 - Email

   I was studying earlier today about obedience. In John 14:15, 21 it talks about how if we love God, we will keep His commandments. That was the driving force for me to go on a mission. I love that scripture! This week, nothing too new happened. We went on exchanges with two of the sisters that are struggling. It was really fun. We just focused on happiness. I really enjoyed it and I think they did, too.
   This was super funny! My companion she never ever gets mad in her life, like really she told me that she has only gotten mad at her brothers and then also when she has road rage. haha So, we were stopped before turning out of an apartment complex and we were having a good conversation. She couldn't turn out yet, because there was a car passing. The guy behind us honked, she was in the middle of a sentence and she just turns around and yells at the guy "I can't freaking go!!!" Oh man, I just started laughing and laughing, it was so so funny because she never yells or gets mad. Then, she starts driving really slow because the guy was tailing us, and after she prayed for the guy to have patience. It was so funny, I was dying of laughter. It was funny because the day before she was telling me how she never gets mad. haha
   In the picture of the baptism, Hermana Segura and I were teaching this family (the Venezualian Family) and they were coming along slowly. But, Ana was the one that was totally crazy and against what we were teaching. When we were teaching her though we saw her heart soften and soften each time. Well, now she was the one that got baptized when the whole time we thought it would be Maili her daughter! When the other sisters moved in to this area, this family was given to them and they were able to continue the lessons and so it was amazing to see her be baptized. When she was bearing her testimony she just looked so humble and like a child, it was amazing to see the change. Sister Segura and her companion Sister Sullivan got to come for the baptism, as well. It was on Friday. It was sad because, I truly have been so blessed through out my mission in seeing so many of the people that I have taught be baptized, but Sister Savage who is seriously an amazing amazing missionary has hardly seen any. She started crying at the baptism because she knows how baptism is a mandatory step for people, and she just was so sad to see that not many of her investigators have taken this step, she said "I want to see them in Heaven." I love her so much, she is so Christ-like.

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