Saturday, July 19, 2014

Email - July 14

   This week, not much went on. We had a crazy rain storm last night (we may have went out and played in the rain :)) When we were driving today, to the library, there were tons of trees, like entire trees, knocked down! We went to a funeral this past Saturday. It was sad of course, but she is in more peace. We saw her two Wednesdays ago and then she passed away last Monday. Her name is Hermana Mejia. She has been sick for awhile, has had really bad chest pains and was on dialysis. I remember whenever we would go over there she would say that she just wants to be well enough again to go to the temple. That is all she wanted to do, to go feel the peace in the temple. I have been visiting her once a week for about 2 months. Her husband confessed to us last week how he has had suicidal issues in the past, so we are really watching and praying for him. He is a sweet guy and at the funeral we talked to him and he said "she left me here alone." It was so sad, I just wanted to give him a hug. This funeral wasn't as Catholic as the last one, it was like Mormon and Catholic mixed. When we went to the grave sight, the family did the Catholic stuff a little.
   Sunday was the World Cup final, so there was maybe 20 people at church and that is it. More showed up for Sacrament because it was after the final ended.
   I said something really funny this week, we try to do two days a week where we only speak Spanish, on Wednesday and Saturday. So to switch to English is kind of hard, when you are speaking in Spanish through out the day. We went to a door to contact a less active. A guy answered the door and was speaking English to us, he told us that Petra wasn't there and so I wanted to say that we will come back later. But I couldn't think of the words "come back" I was only thinking of it in Spanish, and it mixed me up. so I said. "We will... We will return." He was kind of confused but just said okay thanks and closed the door. After my companion and I just started busting up laughing. How creepy does that sound.. "we will return" haha who am I...?
   We had district meeting this Tuesday and some priests from California were on a camping trip or something and came to our district meeting. It was cool. Also, we have a new district leader, Elder Mabey. He is really quiet until you get to know him, then he is pretty cool. He was so nervous to begin with and then he found out that the group of priests were coming. It was his first district meeting ever, but he did really great!

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