Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Email - March 24

   So this week has kind of been a blur. It has been a hard week, not in the normal things that usually make it hard but motivation wise! My companion and I go home the same time, so we are both pretty old missionaries and we can see how our motivation is weakening. The whole week we just felt like we were dragging ourselves. We started trying new things. We biked two days, it was really fun! But also in Spanish work, it is really hard because the people are super nice, too nice to say they are not interested. And too nice where they say they will go to church, but they never show up. Most everyone lets us in their house, but they have no desire to learn or anything. So it makes the work super disappointing when they don't keep their commitments. This week it just seemed everything was falling through but we just kept pushing on and decided to write down the little miracles we have each day to have more umph and excitement in the work. Something we noticed is that we have been starting to think more about home because it really is shocking we only have 6 months left, time flies by!!  And this has made it harder for us to focus on our purpose as missionaries. We are going to improve that this week and stop thinking of home, or where we will be in 6 months and stuff like that. LIVE IN THE PRESENT! Because I don't want to ever go home knowing that I could of done more on my mission, that I could of worked harder or talked to more people, or changed more lives. I want to leave with feeling that I accomplished the will that the Lord had for me at the time I served.
   My companion and I laugh a lot, a little too much! Sometimes we have a really hard time praying because funny things happen too much! We are like best friends, and I love her to death! The other day I noticed that I have not thought not even one bad thought about her. Pretty amazing right!
   I will tell you one of the miracles that happened really quickly. So one day we were super tired and drained and were so done with the day. We didn't know any one to visit and we lost all hope. We were about to turn home, even though we had probably about an hour more to work. We decided to visit one of our investigators that isn't progressing very much because we didn't know who else to visit. We parked across from his house and a car pulls out of the driveway of the house we were parked by. They drive up to our window and it ended up it was a person that has definite potential to be baptized, but we lost their contact information! We didn't know where they lived or their phone, so there would have been no way to find them. They told us that they will be at church on Sunday and we can come by on Monday night. It was such a miracle. God knows what He is doing!

   And we put someone on date this week for baptism on April 12th. Her name is Estrella which means star and she is 10. She is adorable!

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