Sunday, March 23, 2014

Email - March 10

Some people call me a wedding planner...

   This week was crazy!! My comp and I planned a wedding and baptism in just a week and a half.. loco!  The wedding was so beautiful! The colors were purple and white, we hung Christmas lights and it was so beautiful! The baptism was great as well! I am the WORST leader of music, let me tell you! But somehow I always get wound up doing it at baptisms! So Pedro and Ana got married on Friday. Ana was less active before and then Pedro got baptized on Saturday. They had to get married for him to be baptized because they were living together. They have been together for 9 years and was still not married!! Holy moly! They are super excited to be sealed in the temple in one year! Pedro is super strong, they will do well! Ana is only a year older than me, and Pedro is a few years older, so quite a young couple compared to the foothills!! They are so awesome!! So it was so funny in the baptism... While Pedro and the person that baptized him were changing, my companion and I taught a little lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pedro came back in and we finished up our presentation (this was all in Spanish.. oh man). We were going to sit down and this lady (investigator of other missionaries and Native American) says "this is how we show our emotion" or something like that and sticks our her arm and like yells/screams! I don't know what to call it but super loud where it hurt everyone's ears and it lasted for like 20 seconds. Ya know in Native American movies where they do that yell thing? I don't know how to explain it and she moved her voice up and down it was crazy!! Haha I was trying so hard to not bust up laughing and I looked around and everyone else was trying not too, as well haha it was so great!! Haha we talked about it all ward council the next day.
   My companion is seriously the best!! I love her so much! I was seriously depressed for a long time and not myself but I finally feel like myself again and she is just so nice and cute and funny!! She says I should be a comedian haha, so at least she laughs at my dumb jokes! 
   I have gained so much knowledge from my mission and so much experience because I have met so many people and I love it. I know how to accomplish the world and I know I am being prepared for everything in my life, right now. There is this other girl we are teaching, she is only 15 and I really feel that she just wants some one to care for her and give her attention. She is seeking acceptance and is trying to find her place in the world. But she is so cute and she wants to know the truth so bad!. I wrote a poem in the MTC about a girl that was lost and had a desire to change. I forgot about it. We were at her house giving a lesson, (she speaks English, her mom doesn't really). I felt like I needed to share a poem that I wrote with her. I pulled out my notebook that has poems in it and I was trying to find a different poem I wrote then I turned to that one. I knew in the MTC when I wrote this poem that I would find the girl I wrote this poem for, but I didn't exactly know why I was writing it then. I read the poem to her and I knew it was for her. The spirit was strong and she said she wants to know more, she wants to change, she wants to go to church, she wants to be baptized, hopefully. This family has a lot of small issues but Heavenly Father is definitely guiding us to keep working with them. Also, when I told her I wanted to share a poem with her I said "I am lame and I like to write poems" and she said that she writes poems too it was cool! She was the one that was lost.
   I ate the NASTIESSSSST thing last Monday ewwww! K, so we went to our ward mission leader's home to talk to him about the baptism and he asks if we would like a dessert, we say sure. Bad idea!!! It was like mushy bread with prunes and coconut with 3 milks. Just way mushy and nasty!!!! We both wanted to puke because we practically ate puke. yuck!! 
   My Spanish has been getting so much better it is insane!! I thought we spoke English one time when we contacted someone because I understood everything perfectly! It was awesome but I still am way bad haha but it is getting better little by little! My comp helps me a lot!!

   So I forgot to tell you what one of the members said in my last area when I was leaving. His name is Kevin Smith and I was pretty close with his family, he is the 2nd counselor and his wife is the RS president. It was so touching what he said!! He said to me "I know you are a humble person but you are living proof that one person can make a difference." I am thankful people saw my love for the work and the Lord. I have always wanted to make a difference in other's lives, and now is my time to do that. 

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