Monday, September 16, 2013

Email - September 16

About our car accident, this is what happened...
   We were heading back from our district meeting on Tuesday, which is in downtown Yuma. About a half an hour from our home. We just left the church and we were heading east down the main road. The speed limit is 35, so I was going 40. I see a pick-up truck getting into the left-turning lane, heading west, about to turn. Usually, people stop and wait for cars to pass by, so the road is clear, but this truck turned left right in front of us. I gasped  and slammed on my brakes and the next thing I see is airbags deploy.  I looked at my companion to see if she was okay. I was in a little shock, like what the heck just happened!!? I said to her, "You know that wasn't my fault, right?" haha I was worried! But she already knew it wasn't. My companion opened her door and we both jumped out her door because mine was blocked by the truck. We went to see if the guy was okay. He seemed really confused and startled because I don't think he even was aware of us at all before the crash. 
BLESSINGS: 1. We crashed right in front of a fire station. They came right away because they heard the crash and made sure we were all okay. 2. I was paying strict attention to my surroundings at that time and not distracted at all. 3. My companion was looking down at some CD's but she felt a need to look up and sit strait, right before we crashed. 4. Some members were driving by right after the crash and went to take their children home and then came back and helped us take everything out of our car and put it in theirs. And they drove us to the doctors, stayed with us there and brought us home. Luckily, the husband took the day off of work that day. 5. No other cars were around us at the time of the crash, no bikes or people either. Just a two car accident. 6. Both of us aren't transferring and if we were, we would have had to leave the next morning super early. 7. Many many more blessings, The Lord even helped me pick out what I was going to wear that day to make sure I was safe.
Injuries: We went to the Instacare right after, because I don't want any of what happened now, dwell in the future. Instantly, my companion had a hurt hip from the seat belt, it was bleeding and bruised. Pretty much her whole waist is bruised from the seat belt. Her lower back also hurts a bit. And a couple bruises on her arm. As for me- the seat belt that goes across the chest, was what hurt me. I have some bruised ribs and it hurts every time I laugh or sneeze or cough or anything like that. It scared me a lot because at first it hurt to even breath,  so super worried about that. Then I got a huge bruise on my knee, I don't know what from. I got some burns from the airbag on my left hand and right arm. And we both had a little whiplash so we were quite sore and stiff for a few days. 
   We don't really know what is going on with the other guy that was involved. Something that breaks my heart and scares me is that he was most-likely under the influence/ taking prescription medicine when he hit us. You know how those things creep me out! He got some blood work done but we won't know for 6 months what the results are. It really increased my testimony in the word of wisdom, drinking/texting and driving, and how God can ease trials but he doesn't take them away. I know for a fact that God did all He could do to ease our pains, to ease the crash, to ease everything. But it did happen for a reason, what that reason was... I am not sure yet, but I hope that everyone who was involved can grow from it. I learned how easy a life can be taken away from someone that is not paying attention. I learned that life is full of things that are unexpected which I really forgot as a missionary when our whole days are planned out for each hour. 
We were blessed.. 
P.S. the cop just wants me to get a Arizona license so he doesn't have to give me a ticket and that is why I need my birth certificate and guess what... Now my whole mission has to get an Arizona license... haha what a huge DEAL!
And on Tuesday the Mission President was doing interviews and Wednesday he was doing transfers. SO BUSY but he was so willing to help and do all that he could to help us. 

Sorry for this weeks news. But know that I LOVE YOU and that I am so grateful to be serving the Lord at this time, no matter the circumstances.

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  1. We are so thankful that you are ok. That you can recognize the blessings and stay strong as you serve Him. I remember at the end of my mission thinking how BLESSED I was personally on my mission when I went out thinking that all I wanted was for others to have what I had. The restored Gospel. The Lord blesses us as we are obedient and serve others. I knew then that my mission didn't have to end after going home. You are so loved Kayla. You are in our prayers and are so thankful for your example and for your willingness to serve.