Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5 - Email

   My companion is the BOMB!!! Her name is Sister Pinnock. She is from Holladay and she is 20. She reminds me a lot of Kelli, so that is great! :) She works hard and likes to be organized. I am very happy to be working with her. She is waiting for her visa to Argentina, but will most likely be here for quite a long time.  Way great! Oh and is a dance major at the U of U. Sister Pinnock is a very hard and fast worker, she is up for anything, it is awesome! And she always shows others how much Heavenly Father cares for them. This week we have really gained our testimony in OYM's. Here in the Foothills, a lot of people leave for the summer and not many people even step outside throughout the hot summer days. But we have been praying to get 20 OYM's each day together. We know that the Lord will provide us with those 20 people. We have learned that those 20 might be few and very difficult to contact but if we see a person while we are driving we will absolutely pull over and OYM them. This is the way that Heavenly Father can provide these 20 people at this time of year so we have gone to great lengths to contact them and at the end of the day we absolutely feel accomplished. God is looking out for us. God is looking out for His children. I have no doubt about that."

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