Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19 - Email

   Some interesting things happened this week... I went to an Elvis concert, haha ;) There was a ward party in the Foothills ward and it was Asian themed. We had rice and yeah... Asian food. And then all of a sudden, Elvis came out! haha. In the ward there is an Elvis impersonator. I guess he does shows all the time everywhere. It was so funny!! He is like in his 50's, oh it was good... I was cracking up when he would try to do the dance moves like shake his legs way fast.  haha. But the great thing is that at the ward party, some members brought their nonmember friends, so we gave a tour. It went well.
   So my companion and I went out to Wellton one day. In Wellton, there is one of the biggest cow farms in the U.S., I think. haha anyway, TONS OF COWS!!!! And you know the smell which comes along with all those cows right? We were driving by the cow farm and it stank already. But then I noticed a fly in the car, so I decided to roll down the windows without thinking. My companion yells "NO, NOT THE WINDOWS!!" hahaha oh man it stunk so bad and we were just cracking up laughing. But hey, guess what, that little annoying fly was gone, so it's all good :)
   OYM(open your mouth), which is pretty much street contacting people, is pretty interesting here because NO ONE is outside in this heat!! Who would want to be, ya know!? So every time we see someone, we pull over in our car and run after them. Haha, literally we run sometimes. A lot of times people are scared that two little girls are running after them! They start running away or pretend they are talking on their phones. We just want to share this amazing gift that we have...
   At the end of the day, you know your companion's tired when you have to go wake her up from her prayer... haha It always feels good to come back home, with no energy at all, knowing you did your best that day and did all you could do. I have really learned that I can get so much done in one day.

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